Kevin has crisscrossed the world on every form of transport imaginable: on foot, hitchhiking, boat, bus, train, plane and a 1986 Land Rover which he rebuilt by hand along the way while driving the length of Africa. But without a doubt, his favorite mode of transportation is his motorcycle. Travel is in his blood. With a British Army Paratrooper for a father, Kevin never quite took root. “Home” was never really home for long and life was one big adventure.  With a short stint as an army officer under his own belt, Kevin ambled down a path that took him canoeing down the Amazon and kayaking grade 5 Zambezi River rapids while filming the ride.  Kevin drove the length of Africa, from London to Cape Town in search of the matriarch of the elusive Lovedu tribe and documented the event on film for National Geographic TV.  The trek was also published in the book “Looking for Lovedu”. He and his motorcycle, affectionately called “The Pig,” have seen dirt track, pavement and terrain from the Arctic Circle to Tierra del Fuego and all places east, west and in between.
Kevin currently lives with his wife and son in Denver, Colorado and is the owner of Redverz Gear®. Redverz Gear® manufactures the industries premier motorcycle expedition tent, best known for its’ game changing garage which let’s you sleep with the real love of your life, your motorbike. www.redverz.com

kevin muggleton dakar 2013 Kevin Muggleton Baja 500 Kevin Muggleton Baja 500 Dakar 2013

Over 30 years in the making, a dream from Europe watching the Dakar competitors set off on the cold, winter, Parisien morning to conquer the Sahara Desert and complete the very first Paris-Dakar run. Hooked, line and sinker, this is the preparation needed to get Dakar Competitor Kevin Muggleton to the start line in Lima, Peru on January 5th 2013.  From there onwards the rest is up to him.