Just received this email from Dave at Rally Management Services, Dave is running our Dakar support crew from Now until the finish of the Dakar, a chance to experience the Dakar this year close up!

Hey Rally Fans!

We have two seats left in our Ford F350 assistance truck headed to the 2013 Dakar. This truck has been run by Rally PanAm since 2006, usually supporting Jonah Street and some North American privateers. This year, we’re support Kevin Muggleton from Team Redverz Dakar. Kevin’s hard-core. He’s finished the Baja Ironman. He’s also a bad-ass adventure traveler, having criss-crossed the globe numerous times using all modes of transport. Rally vets and RMS instructors Dave Peckham and Phil Bowman are running the assistance truck. We have 4 seats in the truck. And this year, we actually have 2 seats available for “tourists”, someone with no specific team duties.

The route this year is from Lima, Peru to Santiago, Chile, via Argentina. We’ll cross the Andes and the Atacama Desert. This is the perfect chance for a fan, adventure traveler or journalist to experience the Dakar from the inside.

Ted Johnson came with the team last year and wrote the fantastic book, Tales From The Bivouac. Now it’s your turn to see the Dakar from within. What will you make from the experience?

If you’d like to join us, please call me right away as the crew entry deadline is only a week or so away (+1 415-272-4583). The Dakar isn’t cheap. The package is $22,000, which includes ASO entry fee and your share of the truck and bivouac setup. Flights, incidentals, and private accommodations before/after are not included. Every person who has ridden in this seat before has said that it was the trip of a lifetime and worth every penny. You’ll be part of one of the most fun, well run, and longest running North American teams on the rally. You have access to all the bivouacs and restricted areas. You eat with the teams. You sleep in a team tent. You get up early and drive like mad across South America for most of the day. You’ll need to be in Lima by January 1. If you’d like to help, we’re happy to give you small tasks, including driving the truck, and we’ll appreciate the work. But, if you want to just wander around and take photos, that is perfectly OK.

Please feel free to forward this to anyone who might be interested.

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