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We get daily Nav tower updates from Chris at RMK usually around midnight!  Does he ever sleep? Mocking up the side bracing by the radiator mounts, and looks like a billet block is needed by the header.  Soon as this is tied down, the prototype can be cut on the water jet.


Have our website up live now to follow all the background of Kevin getting to the Dakar 2013 

CRF 450 X Dakar Bike

Not had the bike 2 days, not a scratch on it and it’s already in pieces in Chris’s workshop

Nice to know it’s in good hands though

Dakar Fairing

Ned holding up the fairing for Chris at RMK. Some modifications need to extend the side fairing from the KTM so it can strap to the Acerbis tank on the Honda

Dakar Truck Driver

Aha, that’ll be Toby, hero of Dakar 2012. Toby is over from UK, and we are hoping he’s going to be driving the truck our support crew Dave Peckham is in for the Rally

Indestructible Mirror

Yes even Dakar bike need mirrors, not just because the regs say so, but when a hairy a%s 150mph trophy truck is chasing you down you better know which side of you he’s coming by.  Ned Suesse, last year’s Dakar finisher has designed this indestructible folding mirror.  They fit every bike.

Pumping heavy ropes up and down for minute sprints at a time sounds pretty relaxed, until you get to the 50 second mark.  Heaving and trying to catch your breath, not so. I’ll Thank Tom when I’m trying to push the bike through heavy dunes in 130oF.

On the bike build the biggest stress is getting the navigation tower for the road book and electronics nailed down.

Fate is on our side with Ned Suesse, (last year’s Dakar finisher) and Chris Vestal from Rally Moto Kits living just down the road in Colorado Springs.  Their navigation mount and fairing has proven the course during the Dakar so are looking at Chris modifying the kit to fit the Honda.  Fingers crossed over the weekend that Chris can get this mount to work around the CRF 450 header.  If he can,  one of the biggest worries will be on it’s way to being sorted.

Then of course will see if it is Muggleton ride proof!  Either that or I’m gonna have to stop crashing!




As we found out the hard way during the Baja 500, lighting, along with navigation, is one of our criticle needs during the Dakar. We’ll be using 2 of these heavy duty Rigid D2 Lights from Black Dog Cycle Works. These incredible compact lights put out a whopping 2600 lumens per light while drawing only 28 watts. We’ll be using one of each of the 9 degree spot and 18 degree wide in the same optic for long distance throw with good horizontal spread.